Saturday, January 5, 2008

the green goddess

An original holograph draft by Aleister Crowley of the poem "La Legende de l'Absinthe" (here called "L'Absinthe") published in The International (New York, October 1917). Crowley pays homage to the "Green Goddess."

Famous Absinthe Robette poster by T. Privat-Livemont, 1896.


kimadamagna said...

creative thinker, collector,
and dragon
it's an explosive combination.

"You can see""

KimdaMagna said...

Can I take yours pictures an d use them im my blogs.

Tell me please.

cassie said...

Kimdamagna - I do not claim to own any of the pictures posted on my blog unless otherwise stated. If you choose to use any of the pictures please at least credit the original author with a link as I have, and credit Rara Avis as the www where you found the pictures. Thank you!

Ktrek said...

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summerhathway said...

This so nice and interesting.